So here we are, I am actually shocked that I am even writing this post.

It is the first in what will be a LOT of posts, updates, insights and probably lots of random thoughts!

11 years ago – when I was training for what would be my first (and only thus far) Ironman triathlon I got speaking to a guy in the gym I worked in at the time about an event that one of his friends were doing.

It sounded completely, insanely, stupidly ridiculous. To the point that it seemed other worldly. The sort of thing nobody should be able to even contemplate let alone complete.

It got my attention, then held my attention from that moment onwards.

As happens a lot – I had a look at the website, spoke to a few people about the possibility of it. Then shelved the idea, it just seemed stupid.

Then at the start of this year (2018) the urge came back, I spent the first six months contemplating, then 2 months researching until, on the 18th August I applied for a slot.

But what is the event?

It is called the Enduroman Arch To Arc Challenge.

A solo, un-aided journey from Marble Arch in the centre of London to the Arc De Triomphe in the centre of Paris…….

87 miles running from London to Dover
21(ish) miles swimming across the English Channel
181 miles cycling from Calais to Paris

I have applied to attempt it in June 2021 – so 3 years of preparation to try to be successful.

It will be needed, over half of the people who attempt it fail.

Not great odds!

Time for the biggest challenge of my life!

I will be updating this page regularly with all sorts of good stuff AND information on the 2 charities I will be supporting.

If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read it all – please feel free to share with as many people as you can