Another month has come and gone, we are now in the third month of the year.

Which means it is time to review what happened in February!

Join me below for a trip through the 4 yearly, long version of the years shortest month 🙂

February Stats…

Please excuse the fact that it says ‘March Stats’ on the data – this is because numbnuts here forgot to get the screenshots I needed on the last day of Feb – idiot.

But what do the numbers tell us.

Well my overall training time was down from 66 hours in Jan to just (lol) 54 in Feb.

This is mainly due to a big decrease in riding time – mainly because of the storms keeping me off the bike.

However – it is interesting to note the difference between hours completed (lower) and overall TSS in the pic below.

If you are unaware of TSS it stands for Training Stress Score and is a measure of the amount of work done rather than the volume of training so is very dependant on intensity.

This shows us that even though I did less training in Feb, I probably had a greater effect on my fitness.

I will write a post on what TSS is and why it is important in the coming weeks.

Swim Review…

Feb started fairly well swimming wise – some work on the pointers on my stroke seem to have made a difference. I can now actually feel my left lat engage on the catch phase (cue mega DOMS for a few days lol).

There is not really a lot to report other than that – I did finally cave in and buy myself some ‘jammers’. Other than them making me look like some kind of offender they are actually faster to swim in by a long way. Who would have thought!

Swim rating 8/10

Bike Review…

Feb on the bike was a little bit like a mountain stage in the Tour De France. It had it’s ups and downs!

Positives – my power levels have jumped, a lot! I am now getting sessions from coach Deano which regularly go past the 300w mark which is both great (progress) and terrible (pain).

Negatives – wind, rain, flooding and storms have driven me mad all month, I HATE getting the train to work and have been forced to on a couple of occasions.

Dealing with the coronavirus ridden masses is not one of my strong points.

Also my Wattbike decided that it was going to be a [email protected] and stop working properly – so far 4 weeks have passed and I am still no closer to a resolution from them. Not the best customer service, I am getting to the point of shouting about it on social media, wonder if that will speed up the process.

I did manage to get 1 ride out in the lanes – on the 29th Feb of all days lol, and came across this badboy….

Bike rating 8/10

Run Review…

Running has been wicked this month, I have seemingly got faster every time i’ve gone out.

If you read my January review (click HERE if you would like to check it out) I was moaning about how much speed/fitness I had lost in only a couple of months.

Pleased to say that has come back – I can now fairly (well fairlyish) comfortably crack out a 10k at just over 6min miles which is a HUGE improvement over the start of the year.

If I can figure out how to keep that pace going for 26.2miles after a 112 mile bike ride then I may be on to a winner lol.

Distance wise Feb hasn’t been a huge deal, most runs have been around the 60-90 min mark but I can see that starting to ramp up over March.

Also, now that the IAAF have made a decision on the Nike trainer debate, I am going to try to find myself a pair of Next %’s from somewhere. Maybe my work will be able to find a pair!

Run rating 8/10

Other Stuff…

Well, I am not ‘dry’ anymore – in Feb I eased up the rules and can report that I have consumed 3 glasses of champagne and 3 beers.

Still mega proud of myself – the champagne was from Valentines Day lunch with my ever supportive and lovely wife Michelle.

We decided that this year we would celebrate things as often as we could – what with the sacrifices that were being made to reach Kona it is a great idea.

So Valentines day was a trip to our favourite restaurant Alec’s in Navestock Side (Essex) for lunch. It is actually really nice to be able to do things that are a bit different to usual.

Next Month…

I am thinking that the duration is going to start ramping up in March. Especially as there has been mention of Dean making me swim 40 miles over the month.

Sounds like my idea of hell to be fair.

First race of the year on 1st March so that is something to look forward to 🙂 it was a bit of a false start in Feb as the duathlon I had entered got postponed to 15th March.

Which means lots of duathlon madness in March!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read all of this.

If you have any comments please fire them in the box below.

Otherwise, until next time……..

Michael 🙂

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