Today was a bit of a tough one for the evening session.

It doesn’t happen often but it was one of those evenings where I got in from work and just wanted to eat the whole house then go to sleep!

Couple that with the fact that Michelle (my wonderful wife) is sick and so was at home instead of teaching her usual Body Pump/Body Attack double and you have the makings of a skipped session 😂


I knew after I’d been out for ten mins I would be fine, it was just getting out the door that was tough.

In the end the thought of breaking my training streak from January did it.

And I ended up having a great run 👍 as documented below….

Now I am chilling in bed with aforementioned amazing wife and our 3 silly dogs, giving my legs a going over with my Hypervolt and having a Myprotein protein hot chocolate (from an Ironman mug obvs).

So what gets you out the door when you are struggling? Comment below to let us all know 😄😄